Weekly V #002 Pitching & Hitting Mobility/Flexibility

March 16, 2020

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Welcome to the Weekly Velocity, or as we call it the Weekly V episode two. 

So there is a lot going on right now coronavirus.  Schools are going to be postponed probably, seasons are canceled right now, and the big thing is we are filming this is that the college baseball season has been canceled and the high school baseball season has been canceled or at least postponed at this point. 

What I want to talk about today and I'm going to make a three-part series on this, is what players can be doing right now!  They've been postponed or they've been canceled, so guys the reality is that it "is what it is" and probably, God willing, in the next week, month, six months all of this is in the past..... and so what are we going to have to show for that?

So that's what we're talking to our players about so, going through this we're going to talk about what can they do at home right now.  So with that, three months from now six months from now, they can look back and say well during that period, something that wasn't very good is now really great.... one component of my game, etcetera, and so obviously this is if you're healthy if you feel great and all that stuff.... and there's not a lot going on right now because you got shut down.

We're still doing our training at the time of this filming, but there are things you need to do at home that will prepare you to number one make a weakness into a strength and so I see the guys are hitting off the tee in the backyard and all that stuff and that is great. We'll talk about that later. 

However, what I want to bring today is flexibility and stretching and I'm going to show you here, something that you can buy for under $30 on Amazon that you can start, they can start using in their bedroom. Every night, and start to make the big one of the biggest weaknesses I see in high school, middle school players are their flexibility and it actually is something that if they increase will compound exponentially compound everything else they do.

So think about this their strength, their mechanics, everything that goes in with that, if their flexibility is better and this is what nobody talks about.... in our program guys who have been in with us you know we have our baseball pitchers position players yoga that we have, and it's very difficult, but nobody really focuses on this component it just kind of stretch a little bit and go play and throw. So here's my proposal is right now that they go through and they really make it the point of emphasis for the next week or two or three, and then start building a weekly routine with it.  And so if you know one of the things you want to look at is a TRX. It doesn't have to be TRX, I'm going to put up a generic one a suspension trainer that hangs right from the door Iand so for us that's one of our biggest tools that we use for upper body flexibility you can use it for upper body movements and strengthen bodyweight strength and all that stuff but we use it for primarily is for the stretching movements, you can be put in all kinds of positions. If you'll do that 10-15 minutes a day, you will see some exponential gains. When you start getting back into mechanics, and we're going to talk about mechanics and baseball, softball strength and conditioning as well.

But take a look at that I'd encourage parents to make sure that players are doing stuff and not just sitting around if you're watching this and you're a player not watching Netflix and just hanging on and saying ”hey you know right now school is not going on” or “hey, right now there's not baseball”, guess what guys, everything in life has passed and moved on and then returned back to normal at some point so when it does, what are you gonna have to show for that? This is your chance to take one big step up because regardless of where you are right now you have a next-level step that's your goal, that is your goal either it's to make the high school team to make the varsity team, or to play college baseball, so that right now is going to help you reach that next level. We'll talk to you later. Have a great day. stay healthy. Bye-bye.


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