Timing is everything.

The RIGHT thing at the WRONG time is the WRONG thing.
There are things in your life now that are a perfect fit for you NOW. Had they happened ❌ OUT OF SEQUENCE❌ ,the house, the relationship, the job opportunity would not have worked out.
Maybe you have had things happen that seemed like the 'right thing', but they didn’t work out….it just wasn’t the right time.
Is there anything wrong with baseball showcases? No, they are great.... If it is the right time. If your velocity is a year below grade level, you can go to 10,000 showcases and nothing will happen. 💯
Players talk about SPIN rate, GYRO degree, with these ‘COOL’ metric machines popping up in every baseball batting cage nationwide.🤯 They are becoming the primary focus instead of a TOOL. And they are way out of sequence for most players. If you have poor hamstring flexibility, your upper body is as stiff as a board and you are using ‘all arm’ to pitch because of poor mechanics, you can find out about your SPIN rate all day long and never....ever... get better.
To get the best out of what the good Lord gave you, you must do things that build strong foundations first. ‘Shiny object’ syndrome is REAL, and it is one of the primary reasons most players get stuck and never reach their true potential. 😢

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