Hard Work

You know how they say….hard work pays off?
Each and every week I am reminded why this can be a big FAT lie.
I meet some really nice families who have been BUSY running from event to event, lesson to lesson...hours and hours each weekend at the baseball field….the players work hard day in and day out….
They are exhausted at the end of each day and don’t have any time to add anything to their schedule.
Going to the gym.
Going to practice.
Playing in tournaments.
Is there anything wrong with those things? Nope….
Not at all.
I get it, sometimes doing more and staying busy just ‘feels’ right.
Truth be told, the real problem lies in the ROI…. return on investment….
Are the things that are keeping them busy really moving them to the next level?
Here is an example….most of the time I meet players who are an entire grade level in development behind what they are CAPABLE of... they are TOO tight and will eventually get hurt.
Do they have a stretching routine…..a REAL one?
Not the kind where you try to touch your toes for a minute….
Is it consistent…. A structure to it?
And the list of things that REALLY ‘drive the needle’ in improvement go on and on…..
As the great John Wooden would say…. Do not mistake activity for achievement.

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