Lazy Vs. Confused

Some players we meet are lazy, don't want to work hard, and are not interested in things that are difficult or take them out of comfort.  Not a good fit for us.  

But others appear that way on the surface to many, but we know better.  This type of player is not lazy, he just lacks clarity and structure.  I have met hundreds of players over the years that from the outside looked 'unmotivated', but once they plugged into routines, structure, and positive coaching they thrived.  They became known as the hardest, most focused of their peer group.  

They had it inside of them, they were just never in an environment that helped them level up.  

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Timing is everything.

The RIGHT thing at the WRONG time is the WRONG thing.
There are things in your life now that are a perfect fit for you NOW. Had they happened ❌ OUT OF SEQUENCE❌ ,the house, the relationship, the job opportunity would not have worked out.
Maybe you have had things happen that seemed like the 'right thing', but they didn’t work out….it just wasn’t the right time.
Is there anything wrong with baseball showcases? No, they are great.... If it is the right time. If your velocity is a year below grade level, you can go to 10,000 showcases and nothing will happen. 💯
Players talk about SPIN rate, GYRO degree, with these ‘COOL’ metric machines popping up in every baseball batting cage nationwide.🤯 They are becoming the primary focus instead of a TOOL. And they are way out of sequence for most players. If you have poor hamstring flexibility, your upper body is as stiff as a board and you are using ‘all arm’ to pitch...
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You Fulfill What You Believe

I love to teach kids how to read. Not the ability to read words, but the ability to comprehend and analyze. It’s a skill that changes how they see and understand the world. 🌎
A few years ago, I decided to stack more on my plate and teach reading for FUN.
I had a group of eighth-graders with ranging abilities, but most were far below grade level. In fact, I had several students who were 15 and had been held back several times.
As November approached I was focusing on getting ‘my’ kids ready for the STAAR state testing 📓 in the spring.
I had many kids who had failed every state test since 3rd grade. Each year they tried and each year they failed. I had a student, we will call Jane, that reminded me of this fact, EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Everyone had given up on her and she had given up on herself. The yearly test was her confirmation and evidence that it just wasn’t possible. I spent four months breaking away this belief...
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Hard Work

You know how they say….hard work pays off?
Each and every week I am reminded why this can be a big FAT lie.
I meet some really nice families who have been BUSY running from event to event, lesson to lesson...hours and hours each weekend at the baseball field….the players work hard day in and day out….
They are exhausted at the end of each day and don’t have any time to add anything to their schedule.
Going to the gym.
Going to practice.
Playing in tournaments.
Is there anything wrong with those things? Nope….
Not at all.
I get it, sometimes doing more and staying busy just ‘feels’ right.
Truth be told, the real problem lies in the ROI…. return on investment….
Are the things that are keeping them busy really moving them to the next level?
Here is an example….most of the time I meet players who are an entire grade level in development...
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Digging a hole

There are two people competing to dig the deepest hole.
One has a regular shovel and the other one has a gardening trowel. You know.... those hand-sized miniature looking shovels.
They both work extremely hard. Give the best effort. Spend the same amount of time.
Who wins?
The person with the right TOOL wins. And not by just a little….it’s exponential. 💪
Lots of players work hard….but hard work alone will lose every time to the player who works hard and is spending the time doing the RIGHT things to maximize their ability to GROW.
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Weekly V #015 Good Intentions

In this video, I discuss why good intentions ALONE will lead to decreased performance.

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Weekly V #014 You Need A Barracuda!

In this video, I discuss how important being pushed to grow and strive is to the success of each player.

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Weekly V #013 COVID Distractions and Performance

In this video, I discuss mindset and growth during the difficult COVID pandemic.

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Weekly V #012 How do growth spurts affect performance?

In this video, I discuss player growth spurts and how it affects pitching and hitting mechanics.

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Weekly V #011 Can Velocity Be Taught?

In this video, I answer the question, can velocity be taught?


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